UPDATE January 1, 2015

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Hello all,

I know it may seem that Obex has been going slow lately and, by all appearances, that is true. However, I am striving to take the best path available to me to better myself and my business for the future.

Starting June of last year, my primary focus has been full-time school for the CNC/CAD industry. I have decided…

that moving toward a professional career within the industry will help to grow and support my passion (Obex) and I believe it will be for the best over the long run.

With school comes work to support my time spent learning. My new schedule is now Monday-Thursday classwork and studies, and Friday-Sunday retail work. Any free time I have is still spent on Obex, however I am not left with very much at this time. In lieu of that, my books will be closed for all custom projects in the near future.
I will be posting weekly from now on with updates on this new journey. I will also continue to use the Obex Facebook page to keep tabs on general updates and cool new happenings in the shop.
Obex will continue to list small batch runs from time to time as well as continue to sell existing products including the TekSaw™ & SolasTag™. Products will be available on ObexDesign, Ebay, and Amazon, with other dealers coming soon.

Thank you so very much for supporting Obex now and into the future. You are amazing!

Please stay tuned,
Scotty Puckett
Obex Design