SolasTag™ MK2 (New!)

The SolasTag™ MK2 is a semi-sterile object ( Chain connector is stamped USA ).
Limited quantities available – order yours today!

The original SolasTag™ MK2 dogtag is THE survival signaling device for daytime, and nighttime requirements. Combining the advanced chemistry of Glow in the Dark (GITD) pigmentation with innovative materials produced by Cyalume USA, we are able to produce an accessory like no other. Proudly made 100% in the USA – Dallas, TX.

For daytime signaling, each MK2 Solastag™ side is set in genuine retro-reflective material. The Cyalume material is made of a proprietary material called Cyflect. It has been primarily designed to enhance the visibility of life support equipment. Cyalume Cyflect works as a highly reflective mirror in daytime environments.

Overall Length: 2.25″
Width: 1.35″
Thickness: .125″
Weight: 0.420 oz

For nighttime signaling, use the GITD abilities with the SAR ( Search and Rescue ) “buzzsaw” technique (pictured *3-1). For low-light navigation like map reading, use the GITD panel against the map’s surface. For nighttime signaling against light, use the MK 2 SolasTag™ reflective panel.

(Sold as single Tag w/ Chain & Silencer. Tags are double sided and have both GITD (glow in the dark) and reflective capabilities on each side)