TekSaw™ MK1 – Micro Urban Pocket Saw

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(*3-1) TekPod™ container for the TekSaw™ MK1 Pocket Saw

The original TekSaw™ MK1 pocket survival saw is the perfect urban EDC survival tool for cutting wood, plastics, and other non-metal materials. Combining the advanced science of modern aramid fibers (Tek4)  with innovative injection molded materials, we are able to produce a…

saw that will fit almost anywhere and be nearly undetectable (100% non-metallic). There are 3 colors available Coyote Brown, Foliage Green, and Black. Proudly made 100% in the USA – Dallas, TX.


-Escape Tool (Plastic hand restraints)
-Door lock
-Other improvised uses

The included TekPod™ (*3-1) makes easy work of storing the TekSaw MK1 and allows for easy everyday carry (EDC) in the pocket or in the backpack. The total size comes in at under 2.60″ with a weight of less than 0.4 oz’s.

The TekSaw™ MK1 is a sterile object.

Limited quantities available – order yours today! Only available in our shop (Obex Design Shop).